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Setting them up for Success

This morning we sat down with both the big kids to go over our “school expectations”. We want them to have their best foot forward going into the new school year.  I got the idea from the lovely Becca, who … Continue reading

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Perfectionisim is my enemy

We always forget how different and individual each of our children are, how we must change our parenting style with each child. I have one that needs constant reminders, constant “staying on top off”. He is unbelievably smart, but needs … Continue reading

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I miss her

My girl is at camp this week…I miss her. This is her first away from home, not a family member camp. She was giddy, and practically shoved me out the door when we dropped her off. She will ride horses, … Continue reading

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Holidays and more

You would think I would write more with everything that we have had going on, but of course not! Christmas has come and gone, New Years too. We all handled it like champs, even Leo. Boo and Leo visited Santa, … Continue reading

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Another Hard Lesson

This week has been rough. One of Boo’s best friends is changing schools starting next week, and she is miserable. Her and Alex have been friends for a few years, have been through the teasing “Boo loves Alex” and such. … Continue reading

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Her Breath

I listen to her breathe, laying beside me while I rub her sore achy stomach. She is miserable, and I can’t fix it. After a night filled with candy, tacos, hot chocolate and birthday cake her stomach revolted. It is 4:30 … Continue reading

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Some Random Info

Did you know that when you have a new little baby at home your thoughts are NOT clear, at all. With that said, here are a few randoms that have been floating around that do not form a total complete … Continue reading

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