This and That

There are so many things going on lately, chaos I tell you!

There are so many things that I want to write about, but having your words thrown in your face makes it so difficult to get the words out. I crave writing, I compose posts in my head day and night but dangit…no words can come out. It’s not fear, it’s anger.

I want to write about my position on the “marriage” amendment. I want to write how I will be voting no, the only time I will talk about how I vote. Can I just say that I adore Chris Kluwe from the Vikings for his bravery in writing this and this.

I want to write about some family stuff going on, but the words are harder to come by. It has been a long week for my family, mainly my brother. Prayers would be lovely as he navigates this new path.

We decided that Leo needed to (finally) be in daycare. He needs the interaction, needs the contact with other kids. He has been home for a year with Hubs, now is the time. He starts Monday and I am nervous! I know he will be fine, but wow the nerves.

Remember, don’t compare your kids. It isn’t worth it, isn’t the right thing to do. Ever.

The Brady Brides is on tonight, I am a little too excited about it. It’s a sickness.

I just needed to write. I will try to write more, get past the anger.

I adore you. Thank you for always welcoming me to this world with open arms.

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One Response to This and That

  1. darcie says:

    DAYCARE! you found a place? YAY! I know this is hard…life is hard…hang in there. Know that you.are.not.alone! xxoo

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