Setting them up for Success

This morning we sat down with both the big kids to go over our “school expectations”. We want them to have their best foot forward going into the new school year.  I got the idea from the lovely Becca, who is (now) a teacher in Arizona. She has always been my idea board when it comes to my kids and school.

In Becca’s post she talks about “5 Ways to Raise a Confident Student”, and each of her points resonated with us. We knew we wanted a better year for Hunter, and an even better year for Boo. While each of our children has their own challenges, and on very different ends of the spectrum, we want them to be succeed as best they can.

For both kids, we asked them what they wanted their “school year expectations” to be. Once we completed our lists I typed them up, printed them and all of us signed the lists. It was a great discussion, one we will resist at each end of term I think. I wanted to share some of them, maybe give you an idea to help your kids.

– Homework turned in on time
– Bring homework home, to both houses to get it done
– Maintain a B average* (very VERY doable for both kids)
– Make new friends, meet someone new that you don’t normally hang out with
– Don’t be so hard on yourself (guess who)
– Stand up for yourself like you do your friends

– Fishing trip with Grandpa
– Sleepover with 3 friends
– Extra Wii time
– Staying up late
– Cabin time
– Sleepover with all the cousins
– Manicure with Mom

– Early bedtime
– No electronics (tv, Wii, ipod included)
– No cabin time
– No sleepovers with the grandparents

*To us, a B average is A’s, B’s and C’s, but no D’s.

Both kids were very involved in making all aspects of their lists. I felt this was important, it was a discussion rather than a talking-too. My kids have always responded better to this.

I am excited for 5th and 10th grade, and I know my kids are excited to be back in school. My hope is for the best possible year for them, and I will do everything in my power to help them achieve this.

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One Response to Setting them up for Success

  1. So great to have you link up to The Parent ‘Hood. I can’t believe how big your kids are getting! These are very practical, clearly outlined expectations and rewards. I love how you’ve included them in the process of setting this up… I’m sure they’ll be even more invested in the outcome that way. Here’s to a great year for your kids! Hope to see you back next week, friend. xo

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