Boy’s Life

Pound, pound, pound.

Bang, smash, crash.

The noise of a boy’s life are in full force.

Pulling everything off the shelves, shoving things to the side as he crawls past.

Pushing the dog, trying to push the dog rather.

Refusing hugs, refusing snuggles.

Eating…the non stop eating.

The horrific teething that we never dealt with with his sister.

Dirt, sticks, streaks of whatever was for lunch trail down his shirt.

Or lack of shirt since he hates wearing clothes, hates wearing shoes or socks too.

It’s going to be a long winter.

The desire to be wherever I am.

The smile and squeals when I walk in after work.

The small mini snuggle I get when he first gets up, or after we change his diaper.

The smell after his bath, short living since he will soon be dirty again.

The tender boy who is shocked when his younger cousin is a brut.

The look on his face when he gets something.

The look of joy when the puppy walks into the room.

The pure look of love he has for his brother.

The boys life…what a ride.

*Linking up with Heather of The EO for Just Write for the first time in months.*

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2 Responses to Boy’s Life

  1. smacksy says:

    A beautiful ride it is!

  2. grace says:

    i’m a mom to 2 boys. can definitely relate! xo

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