Stuffed Shells

Planning meals means we have been having some GOOD food. We are thinking about our freezer inventory, our pantry inventory and planning meals on what we have (no shopping this week) instead of what we can buy.  We grocery shop this weekend, so then we will be able to plan our meals on what we have/what is on sale.

Last night we had stuffed shells and ohmygawd they were so good. I had to fight to save two for my lunch today! They were easy and something we will be making again for sure.

I got my recipe from three different cookbooks and sort of blended them together.

At least 12 Jumbo shells, we did 15
Tomato sauce (we used homemade sauce, because Hubs is a rockstar)
Hamburger and/or Sausage
Shredded mozzarella Cheese (about 1 cup)
Grated Parmesan Cheese (about 1/4 cup) You could use Ricotta, we just don’t like it
1 Egg

Pre-heat oven to 375
Grease the bottom of a 9×13 pan
Cook shells per directions, run under cold water and set aside.
Brown the meat, drain and add the sauce to meat bringing to heated temp.
Mix the cheese and egg into a bowl, leaving a little to sprinkle on top.
Put a layer of sauce/meat mixture on the bottom of the pan.
Using a regular spoon, insert about a scoop and a half into each shell.
Lay open side down in the pan.
Once all shells are filled, cover with the remaining sauce/meat mixture
Sprinkle with a little cheese, you don’t need a bunch
Bake for 25-30 minutes, let sit for about 5 minutes after and serve!

This is one the best dishes we have made, and they were so filling! It is also something you can do without meat if you are going for a meat-free night.

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