My new favorite thing

Part of taking better care of our budget, is to plan.

We are working to plan our meals, our days and our weekends ahead of time. So many times we are rushing for last minute plans, instead of taking the 5 minutes to plan ahead so we are prepared and not feeling rushed.

With out meals, oh man. Just looking at this past week I can see so many areas for improvements. We decided to make salsa, but had to get cilantro and lime instead of just waiting or making it without. It wasn’t well thought out at all.

So, last week I was at the thrift store and they had a bunch of school supplies on sale. I was walking around just looking, wasn’t what I was there for, and saw this.

It is a Stick-On Dry Erase Weekly Planner. It is made by The Board Dudes, sold mainly at Wal-MArt and on Amazon, but someone had donated it at the thrift store. I snatched that up so quickly I think the lady next to me had a moment of panic. I may have squealed, but will neither confirm or deny. (note: mine is a cling, doesn’t have a cork part but I can’t find a picture of it. I know they carry them at Wal-Mart though)

We, well I, have tried printing out paper versions of weekly planners to plan our menus for years, but it never holds. I always lose them, rip them or just give up because it is pain. This one, people it sticks to my fridge! It is there right now with this weeks menu AND this weeks activities listed on it ready to go. The menu has been planned, and I am so excited. It takes a weight off my shoulders at the end of the day. I no longer have to rush home trying to figure out what to feed the family if Hubs hasn’t already.

Now, the goal to is keep it up. Keeping planning even as life gets chaotic as it will in the coming weeks with back to school. Our other goal is to start making things more home-made. We did that a lot this weekend, and it was wonderful. If we can keep that up just think of how we could save $$! See…it all comes back full circle!

*This is not a review, really. I found this product and fell in love with it and had to share. All opinions are my own

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