I miss her

My girl is at camp this week…I miss her. This is her first away from home, not a family member camp. She was giddy, and practically shoved me out the door when we dropped her off. She will ride horses, swim, have campfires and learn songs that will drive me crazy for weeks.

I know she is fine, I don’t worry about her. She was MORE then ready for this.

But me…not so much. I keep thinking of her as my baby girl. She is my punkin, my partner in crime.

Circa 2003

I am having a hard time letting her grow up. Letting go of the everyday decisions that she is more than capable of making on her own. She is finding her own way, with sports, school and friends. She is smart, too smart. I often joke that she is a Pod Person, but we are so very proud of her.

She loves to add color/feathers to her hair, but hates to “do” her hair because it makes her feel too “girly”. She wants to straighten her hair, but for the same reason doesn’t. She likes comfy clothes, past the phase of wearing skirts from a couple years ago. Sweats, hoodies and t-shirts are her new favorite.

I know that in the days/weeks/months/YEARS to come we will butt heads, break each others hearts and make up over and over again, but can I just take today to remember the little girl from above. The one that wouldn’t even think of being apart from me, that loved so fiercely it was overwhelming.

Tomorrow I will go back to the almost 11 year old that fights, loves and works with such desire. Such drive. Her love is fierce, just like her.

Man I really miss her.

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One Response to I miss her

  1. Alison says:

    She sounds so much like my almost-10 year old girl. What a blessing they are.

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