The picture is to make you smile, it always makes me.

Being a grown up sucks.

I said it, we know we all think it.

Hubs and I just spent some time reworking our budget, struggling to find the balance to live life and be stuck with so little right now. We are fighting to get ahead, and it will happen, just going to take some time.

But, with each of the struggles comes reward. That is something I have to keep reminding myself. We have to struggle to come ahead, have to fight to keep what we have worked hard for and to.

We are using a website to plot our expenses, set our new budget and see how we spend our money. We want to see each penny, see each dollar and where it goes every time we spend it. It will be a harsh reality as the days go, but a reality we need to face and change.

We want to show our kids how to work hard, plan and strive for rewards. Things in life don’t come for free, things are not just handed to you on a platter. Hard work pays off, hard work stinks but it pays off. In a few months we will be in such a better place for our family, while celebrating making our goal.

Now to figure out how to celebrate while staying within our budget 🙂

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2 Responses to

  1. darcie says:

    Life is hard – but if we work hard, we see the rewards. Always something though isn’t it? Good luck with the budget – I’ve been there – I’m STILL there – always learning, growing, changing – xxoo

  2. Yuck. I hate that part of being a grown up. I guess it’s necessary, though :-/

    And it’s important to teach your kids 🙂

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