I love the time

I didn’t realize when Leo was born how much I would love nursing him. I didn’t think that I  could be that person, the mother  that would now be thinking about how when it ends it will all be too soon. But I am.

I love the quiet time we have each morning, when I wake him early so we can have the alone time that we both seem to cherish. He snuggles (he is SO not a snuggler) and curls his fingers around mine while we settle into the couch to have that short time together before I leave for work.

I love coming home and him launching at me, just craving my touch and smell. Then settling in to talk with Boo about her day while he nurses. I love smelling him, his day away so hard for me even after all these months.

The time before bed is my favorite. We have a routiine, one that I love so much. We do the same routine every night just to be “ready” for bed. Jammies, nurse, snuggles and I tuck him in almost every night.

I love the time I have with him, and even more I love showing my daughter and Hunter that a working mom can nurse a full year and beyond if that is what she and her baby want to do. I love being that role model to my children.

I think I may cry when he decides that he doesn’t want to morning/night nurse anymore, but that will be his choice to make.

I am just so blessed to have had these past 12 months with him, time I wouldn’t change for the world.

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