Another Hard Lesson

This week has been rough.

One of Boo’s best friends is changing schools starting next week, and she is miserable.

Her and Alex have been friends for a few years, have been through the teasing “Boo loves Alex” and such. But somehow they have been friends through it all.

Last night she decided to make him a friendship bracelet and wrote him a sweet note to say good-bye and I will miss you.

I have asked her how she is doing, but she keeps saying she is okay.

I know she will miss him, and I hate the way she is feeling. Her emotions are so close to the surface right now, so vulnerable to tears and unhappiness. This is a rough age for her. She needs her friends around, and not having Alex will be hard for her, he was the one she always had lunch with, played on the playground with and studied for tests with.

This is a lesson I hate her having to learn.

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One Response to Another Hard Lesson

  1. Awh šŸ˜¦ That sucks. There’s no other way to say it.

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