Baby Safety Month

Did you know that September is Baby Safety Month!

The past almost two months have been filled with love, happiness and worry like any “new mom”. While I am not a new mom, it has been forever since we have had an infant in the house, even since a toddler! My niece is now almost 10 months old, and she is mobile people, watch out!

When I was contacted to write about Baby Safety Month by the wonderful people at Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to I jumped at the chance. There are new standards coming out every day, and who knows them all! Not me that is for sure!

UL has created a wonderful website, Safety at Home, that is filled with tips and ways to make your home safe for your growing child, from infancy to when they go away to college. They even have a Halloween Safety section!

I was able to review their Childhood Safety Timeline, it chronicles the stages of a child’s life, and the things you can do to make your home safe. Many of these things are simple, cover outlets, lock cabinets and put chemicals FAR away from your childs reach. But so many are things that you wouldn’t really thing of but are so simple when you think of it:

  • A high chairs legs are supposed to be wider than the base
  • Get down to child proof your home, being on their level will make the many corners and objects that you may not notice very obvious.
  • Unplug night lights when not in use, light bulbs are fragile and easily broken by little hands.

So simple, but how often do you think of night lights! Here are some more tips!

Baby Safety is key to protect your child from an early start. Knowing the proper standards and having the tools to make the changes needed is so important!

Many thanks to the Safety at Home website, and UL for making these tools available to the public, and for having so many wonderful ideas and tips! So many things I never would have thought of.

I was contacted to review the Childhood Safety Timeline, all thoughts and opinons are my own.

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