Her Breath

I listen to her breathe, laying beside me while I rub her sore achy stomach. She is miserable, and I can’t fix it. After a night filled with candy, tacos, hot chocolate and birthday cake her stomach revolted.

It is 4:30 am.

Mama’s tired. Boo is tired. Leo is up 2 hours later.

The quiet of her breath, the quiet of the house at such an early hour makes me want to watch her sleep. These few minutes of just us make me so grateful for this wonder of a girl. 9 years old, so wise and kind that it doesn’t seem possible to be so young.

This girl who will drop everything to run when her baby brother cries, when her older brother walks in the door, or when she hears the garage door saying that Daddy is home. This girl who is growing so fast I worry I will blink and miss it all.

I will take the 4:30 wake up, even when she is miserable just to have these quiet moments to savor. These moments that make me remember that while life has changed dramatically in the past year, she is still my little girl who needs me and her Daddy so much.

I lay beside her, willing and hoping her to feel better as the sleep overtakes me for just a little while, before the reality of our new life sets back in.

This is being linked up with Heather’s Just Write, a link up of free writing that she so awesomely started.

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3 Responses to Her Breath

  1. Brandee says:

    I love that you really savored the moment!

  2. Heather says:

    So lovely, lady. You are such a good mom!

  3. It passes too quickly, and I know that I am missing those middle of the night moments 🙂

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