Baby Road Trip!

In the past 3 weeks Leo has been on two road trips, and rocked them both.

Back in August we headed down for Grandma’s 90th birthday party, he was a rock star the entire weekend! Being passed around from cousin to cousin, Aunt to Uncle, and lots of snuggles in his Great-Grandma’s experienced lap. He was fantastic! All the kids were so awesome that we made the entire 3 1/2 hour drive without stopping.

Not even once!

Process that one…I normally have to stop at least once for myself! It was fantastic!

This past Monday we headed almost 6 hours north to my Aunt’s house for a visit. She hasn’t been well, and we wanted, no needed her to meet her newest Great-Niece and Great-Nephew. I needed some hugs, and to tell her once again how very much we all loved her.

Leo and his cousin (Big Sis was with, along with my niece) were AMAZING the entire drive up! This is what I saw 99% of the way, since I was sitting in the back like I was banished to the kids table (I have the shortest legs, it made the most sense but still).

The bubbles he pushes out about do me in every single time!

We spent time with my Aunt, spent the night at my Cousin’s house (who is 5 years younger than my Dad and NOT the oldest child of said Aunt…process that one!) and even got to see my 2nd cousin whom I haven’t seen since about 1995 when my Grandpa passed away. It was a family filled two days, and the kids had had enough by the time we left to come home.

See…poor guy (those cheeks make me crazy!!)

We started the long drive home, and BOTH babies stayed awake. My niece fell asleep and Leo decided he NEEDED to eat again even though he ate as we were getting ready to leave. For real kid! We stopped, I nursed him while Dad and Big Sis ate and then we hit the road again. Then my Niece was hungry…we did not time this well at all on the way home.

6 hours later…we made it home. I was exhausted, Leo was exhausted and I swear he danced when we free from his car seat. I am serious! He spent the next almost hour attached to me, barely taking a breath it felt like. The boy likes to eat!

All in all…both kids rocked the car ride and my Dad REALLY rocked having two infants and me and Big Sis in the truck for 11 hours of driving! It was so worth all the other problems to get to see my Aunt and many cousins. It had been too long.

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2 Responses to Baby Road Trip!

  1. Megan says:

    Yay! More baby pictures! So glad that Leo was such a trooper in the car. Just wait a few months until he HATES his carseat!

  2. girlymama says:

    oh he is just toooooooo cute!!!!

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