3 Weeks and Finding Our Way

This week has been…crazy. There have been many a text messages being sent where I just needed reassurances that I was doing okay.

And I was.

This week I was solo with Boo and Leo and a crazy-never listens-loves to counter surf Koda. To say there were moments is an understatement for sure. But we got through it, and now it is almost Saturday when Hubby will be home with me! Thank goodness!

Leo is 3 weeks old now, and he is growing like crazy! He had his 2 week appointment a few days late on Wednesday, and he had gained almost a pound in less than a week (Yay for Mommy’s Milk!!). He is filling out in his cheeks and his legs, the chicken legs are going away!! The  boy can eat, let me tell you. 45 minutes tonight with only a break to burp…so his fathers son for sure!

He isn’t always sleeping…even though pictures say differently. It is just easier and more thought of when he is sleeping to take his picture. Plus, how cute is he when he is passed out!

He is finding out that if he looks up, he will see the ceiling fan, and he loves it! Right now, as I type this he is focused on that fan, and talking to it. Little grunts, arms and legs waving away. He always has something moving, arms, legs or whatever he can. He makes the best expressions when awake or asleep. I could watch him figure it out all day!

This weekend we started moving him into his crib at night. He had been sleeping in his portable rocker/sleeper and the transition has not been the easiest for him or me. We went from almost 5 hours straight to maybe 3 if I am lucky. I am a tired Momma! But it is worth it. When Boo was 3 months old she got her first ear infection, and sleeping was hard so we let her sleep with us (dumb move!). It took until she was over 1 to get her to sleep through the night in her crib while breaking that habit. I don’t want that again!

With that comes the “Can we stay awake during the day please” phase of learning it all. He has his moments, but don’t we all. He is still sleeping pretty well at night even when he sleeps too much during the day. Usually about 7 he is bright eyed and ready to party, and stays up til about 10. Then he is down until 3 if we are lucky, but with the move to his crib who knows.

Today Leo spent his first afternoon at the softball fields, and he was a hit. So many people were in awe of how awake he was, how alert and how well he focused. He loves being outside, even in the rain like today the poor guy, and would love to be out there all day long! We started spending some time each morning and night outside, as much as possible before the snow starts to fly at least.

Right now, Leo is sitting on the couch with Hubby watching football/the fan and his feet are just going and going. I don’t think they have stopped yet. I need to just go stare at him…

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4 Responses to 3 Weeks and Finding Our Way

  1. Megan says:

    I just want to bite those cheeks!

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  3. girlymama says:

    he is so so soooooooo gorgeous.

  4. He is adorable, Kellyn 🙂 I love that first photo!

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