2 Weeks Already

Leo is two weeks old…how did that happen! It has passed so fast, almost in a daze.

(mini mohawk just for BIL)

Leo is such a good little boy. He sleeps like a champ, not always at night but we are working on that. He eats like it’s nobodies business, which I love.  Nursing him is such an experience, I can’t even put it into words. There are times it seems like all he does is eat, but seriously…it is perfection.

(SO strong already…see the pipes hehe)

We had a follow up appointment this week, and he is already back at his birth weight, actually above his birth weight before his two week birthday. We go in next week for his official 2-week check up and will see how much he has gained total. I can’t wait to see. If he gets close to what I think he will I will do a happy dance going “Yay for Mommy’s Milk!”.

Boo is completely in awe of him still, and Hunter walked into the house tonight and went straight to him. He loves his brother.

Remember how I was curious about how Koda would handle it all, the changes and the baby? Well he is a rock star in his own right! The dog loves his baby.

He is sleeping now, so maybe I should crash. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how tired I am. Last night he went 6 hours straight, and I can dream that will continue but I better not push my luck!

How is he two weeks already!

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4 Responses to 2 Weeks Already

  1. darcie says:

    So happy for you guys! What a marvelous addition! xoxo

  2. Girlymama says:

    ACK! SO CUTE! kiss his little nose for me, okay?

  3. Megan says:

    So sweet. I can smell that newborn baby smell from here!

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