41 Weeks…

(I am writing this on Thursday, but not posting til Friday…sneaky me)

Today I am 41 Weeks (10 Months 7 days). I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday and things were all fantastic, well except for the fact that I am STILL PREGNANT.

But, today is 1 week past due.

And when you read this we will be hopefully be in the hospital being pushed in the right direction to get this little man OUT.

We are trying to get things moving without Pitocin, hopefully it goes that way since I have been having contractions all day.

Hubby and I took a half day today, spent a fantastic afternoon with Hunter having lunch and spending some long-held gift cards.  It was simply the best afternoon we have spent together just the three of us in so long.

Today I also had my one and only mini freak out about the fact that sweet mercy we are having a baby. Nothing else matters for me at this moment, just bringing this boy into the world. He is long wanted, long loved and so craved by so many people.

I know this is sort of all over the place, but I had to write tonight, but had no real point.

I will catch you on the flip side of labor!!

Holy crap we are having a baby!! Can you believe it

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