Keep on Keeping on

Today I do not have my resolve to make it as long as I can in this pregnancy without being induced.

Today, my mind is not in a good place. I am sore, achy, tired and just DONE being pregnant with this little boy.

We spent a couple hours in L&D Saturday for some sharp pain in my lower abdomon. It felt like Slash was trying to cut his way out on his own, and the Doctor wanted to make sure it wasn’t a serious issue, instead of just some nerve/ligament/mean child pain.

They hooked me up and watched me for a couple hours, then sent us on our way telling us we had a great looking little boy. His heart rate was fabulous, very active (DUH) and very responsive (his heart rate increases nicely when he is moving around). I was having a few contractions, but they pittered out like they do when it isn’t time yet.

It was simple, just nerve pain as he pushes his head against my pelvis trying to make his way. But WOW…it is the worst pain I have had during this pregnancy.  The nurse thought it was fun to watch him jam his bottom into the air, while shoving a knee another way and pushing his head down a bit. I guess it looked cool on the monitor and in person.

Glad I could entertain!

We haven’t moved dilation/effacement at all (darn it) but she did say that the fact he is being so aggressive with the movement means he is turning that corner.

Fantastic…can he turn it just a bit faster??

Even though I know it is pure exhaustion that is making me say this, I am DONE. I want him OUT. I would like to be past the crying for pain part and cry for love and happiness now.

But, tomorrow is a new day and maybe tonight I can get some ever-loving sleep and be in a better mood when we see the Doctor tomorrow. Hubby is coming with me, we have lots to discuss with the fantastic Dr. S. Hopefully we will get an idea if the end is in sight..hopefully…please…please…

I am going to go take some pictures of Slash’s room to share with you. It turned out fantastic, and while not everything is hung up on the walls, the main parts are done.

But this picture…it makes me smile every time. Boo helped paint of course, and decided that wearing flip-flops in and out of the house all day while doing that was a great idea.

This is what I love about her, messy, dirty and filled with such love.

Just don’t mind the bandaid!

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One Response to Keep on Keeping on

  1. Megan says:

    Have you tried a chiropractor? I went to one during the last few weeks of my pregnancy with M and it helped the pelvis pain and I think it sped her delivery up a bit. 🙂

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