40 Weeks or 10 Months…you pick

Today I am 40 weeks…or 10 months pregnant…whichever you choose.

I saw the Doctor on Tuesday and she said all was good.

Heart Rate…Great!


Progression for me…Awesome!!

It was a great appointment. She listened to me when we talked about how I wanted to proceed with being late (because really I am 40 weeks now and I think I was the ONLY person that knew I was not going to go before my due date) and she was willing and eager to let me go as long as I could within a certain time frame.

Have I ever told you how much I love the clinic I go too! The doctors are willing to do what you want as long as Mom and Baby are good. LOVE it!

So, if I do not have this little man before Tuesday I will see them again and start thinking of our plan. Who knows!

In other not so exciting, but super funny news…my stomach is now crooked at least half the day.



That is Slash’s little bum sticking out right there…it makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

Otherwise…that’s about it on the baby news front…

Here we come 41 weeks!

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One Response to 40 Weeks or 10 Months…you pick

  1. Megan says:

    He likes to sit on the left! So cute! I remember when I was pregnant with A especially that she would wiggle her tushie and my belly would move back and forth. I loved it! It was also funny to watch both my girls mimic movements that I knew well from in the womb once they were born!

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