You go Get’em Girl!!

Boo’s softball season is over.

It came to a halt after a rough weekend at a tournament, but the girls played hard all season long. I couldn’t be prouder of Boo, she came a long LONG way this year.

We had a fun game after the tournament, the game didn’t county for anything except bragging rights. We had different girls catching that wanted to try it out.

Including Boo.

Excuse me while I restart my heart a little bit.

I was more nervous than she was, but she ROCKED it. She was assertive, shocking so many people at the game, and commanding the field like any good catcher does. She learned a lot, and now wants to be a catcher all the time, and a pitcher too. Girl knows how to work her skills!

I shot this shot video of her running back the 3rd base runner, she was not gonna let her score on her!

So proud of my girl! She constantly shocks and amazes me!

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One Response to You go Get’em Girl!!

  1. She totally rocked it!!!

    I love that feeling you get when you watch your child do something they love 🙂

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