Week 30…and a half

Well…we are 30 weeks into this adventure.

How did that even happen! Where did all the months go? All the weeks?

Picture…well here is my “I am sitting down please don’t make me move” picture of Slash. I am not as big as everyone would think I am, my weight has stayed down which is a huge thing for me and my doctor. Being bigger to start (weight wise…not height wise) we set a goal and I have worked really hard to stick with it!

My back is having some lovely issues right now, I even broke my one vow and started seeing a Chiropractor. She is a specialist in pregnant women, and women who recently gave birth, and it has made a huge difference already. I am so grateful for my friend referring me to her.

My heartburn is out of control, but what did I expect. It was awful with Boo, and worse this time around. We upped my medication dosage, and hopefully that will make a difference. I am just sick of being sick each morning because of my nasty heartburn.

But on a better note…Slash is doing Fabulously! He is moving around like a football player…a defensive tackle maybe…and being the over archiver that he is, is already head down and causing some wonderful discomfort. I will take this discomfort any day!

Boo is loving feeling him move around, and watching him move too. He is finally big enough that she can sit and watch my stomach to see him move, she laughs and freaks out every time. I love it.

She is a bit babied out though, so I have been making sure (VERY sure) that we do many things that are baby free. Today we went clothes shopping at Old Navy and didn’t even LOOK at the baby section. This entire weekend has been about doing stuff for her, with her. I do have to show you the dress she picked out…super cute.

Hubby is off for Fishing Opener this weekend, having the time of his life I am sure. They go every year, a couple of the guys and him. They spend all day fishing the first day, golf one day, and the fish some more before heading home. He is in hog heaven to say the least.

He sent me this picture of his 21 inch Walleye, which Boo quickly pointed out meant we could each have 7 inches (21/3=7 smart girl). Everyone say hi to Dan in the background! They have caught a good number of fish, more than years past as the weather has been wonderful for fishing! And just three weeks ago they had ice on the lake!

I am, of course, not counting down the hours til he gets home (21 hours or so) because he needed this weekend away, to just be with the guys. I am so glad he was able to do it! But I can’t wait for him to get home tomorrow night.

I need to get ready to crash…it has been a long day and I did WAY to much!

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One Response to Week 30…and a half

  1. Megan says:

    I went to see a chiropractor when I was pregnant with Miss M and it made a world of difference. I am glad that you are having a similar experience! I want to see a better belly shot! 🙂

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