Ugh Ick Yuck




I am battling a wicked cough right now, just a cough. Nothing else.

How messed up is that.

I don’t even have to remind you that are Mom’s what happens when you are pregnant and cough.

It stinks.

I have spent the past two, soon to be three, nights sleeping in Hunter’s room so Hubby can get some much-needed sleep.

I have been to the doctor to make sure that it hasn’t turned into something more, but thank goodness it hasn’t. Just a nasty cough that is the tail end of a cold I had TWO WEEKS AGO.

I am now at the tail end of the cough. It is getting better, I can now walk up stairs without hacking up my lung.


I hope it ends soon.

Pretty please.

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One Response to Ugh Ick Yuck

  1. Megan says:

    Feel better soon! We’ve been battling some nasty illnesses around here too!

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