Just Shaking my Head

Tonight I was supposed to get a quiet night to simply be. To have the house to myself for an hour and relax, or go to a couple stores and walk around if I wanted too.

That didn’t happen.

At all.

(Let me preface this by saying I read Denise’s post earlier today, and about fell over laughing at S3 and his dramatics. “My kids are never overly dramatic with injuries” I thought.)

I was leaving a store after stopping to get something for Hubby when my phone rang. Boo and Hubby were at softball practice and his glove was in my car. Not a problem, I will swing by and drop it off then head home and just relax. I was excited.

I got to the fields, opened the back of my truck and heard a scream.

It was Boo.

Hubby was running over to her, and I started walking fast throwing his glove down. He called for a towel or napkin and I knew she had a bloody nose. I made some comment, “Really…again…” and walked back to my car as one of the other coaches ran to his car FAST for towels.

I headed back to Boo as the Head Coach was starting to literally rip off their shirt. Umm…this can’t be good.

I get to Boo and blood is POURING down her face. I am talking POURING like a faucet. The Head Coach looks at me “It’s broken…her nose is really broken…”. Crap.

We bundle her into the car, tell Hubby to meet us at the ER and head out. She went through a ton of paper towels by the time we got there, was dizzy and not feeling the greatest.

We got the ER, only about 7 minutes from the ball field, and I ran in to get her a wheel chair since she was dizzy.

Want fast service at the ER…walk in with a kid covered in blood crying her heart out. It worked magic!

She was roomed within 5 minutes, saw the nurse within another 5. They were AWESOME with her. They calmed her down, because she was so worked up. They got her some gauze to use instead of paper towels for her poor nose, and told her that the bleeding was slowing down.

Boo was asking me “What is going to happen…What are they gonna do” with her voice raising and slightly freaking out. I told her that we had to talk to the doctor, that I didn’t know.

She was panicked about what they were going to do to her.

The doctor came in, and did his assessment. He told her that her bruises looked really cool, that made her smile. By having her tell the story again, he got her to calm down and think instead of just react. That was HUGE for me, it was just what she needed.

He ordered x-rays, and she rocked those too. Since I couldn’t be in the room with her, she had the tech keeping her company and laughing at all of Boo’s stories. She was calm…she was more herself.  I was so grateful.

We got back to her room, and Hubby was there waiting for us. The doctor came in, let us know that the swelling was so bad that he couldn’t be 110% sure of a break, but he was 99% sure. We have to follow-up with her ENT this week and have another set of X-rays done to double-check, then we will go from there.

Who knows what they will say.

She looks like she got in a fight, I keep telling her that she either has to say “You should see the other guy” or “Now I’ll never be a Teen Model“. Don’t think she will, but I try!

She is okay. Her head hurts, it hurts when she coughs/laughs/breathes but she will be fine.

Tomorrow she might have a shiner…

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6 Responses to Just Shaking my Head

  1. Darcie says:

    Ugh…kiddo…I hope tomorrow isn’t worse!! Xoxo

  2. WHAT A NIGHT!!!

    I feel awful for her, how painful and SO scary.

    Keep me posted 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    Poor Boo. Sounds like she (and mom) are troopers. I hope she heals quickly!

  4. fritzfacts says:

    someone sould give that coach a earful, oh wait it was me

  5. Megan says:

    I’m sure the fact that you are pregnant assure a quick response at the ER too. No one wants to upset the pregnant chick…

  6. Amy says:

    I’m glad she’s better. I remember when it happened to my little sis. It was ugly and hurt terrible. I love softball though. Glad she’s better.

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