Snow…what else is new

All day two Saturday’s ago (and the week leading up to it) you would hear

“Major storm system moving in”

“A large snow event on it’s way”

“Protect the women and children!”

Okay, not the last one but for the love they might as well have said it (side question…does that mean I would have gotten to go VERY first since I am a women WITH child…). News people, and regular people alike were in a state of panic over this storm that was coming in.

Sunday came, and it didn’t start as early as they thought it would (between 4 am and 8 am) so I decided I wanted to run a couple errands before it began. I even got my SIL in on it!

We hit Kohl’s, Target and then the snow started.


Yes it was blowing, snowy and the roads were already coated (in the 20 minutes we were in the store!) but darn it I needed maternity shirts! So off to the mall we went to search them out.

This is when Ma called “You really don’t want to go out today”

Umm…I’m at Old Navy…

There was the BIGGEST SIGH EVER on the other end of the phone.

I was once again 12 years old (anyone’s else have a mom that can do that?)

By the time I dropped SIL off, it was really coming down. I started to worry about how I was going to clean the driveway since Hubby was out of town. I then found out he was already on the way home because they had gorgeous weather up at the cabin, too good for snowmobiling. Yippee!!!

Byt 5 we had a good coat of snow, almsot 6 inches I think, and we couldn’t see across the street, there are apartments over there right?

I sent this picture to Boo at my Dad’s, because they weren’t getting as much snow as we were. I swear there are apartments over there…

The snow kept falling well into the night. I helped Hubby clean the sidewalks until it got to heavy, and even learned how to work the snowblower in case he was ever gone and I needed to take care of the driveway.

Hubby and I stayed in, watched tv and just laid together relaxing after a long week and weekend.

The next morning Hubby had a hard time getting down the street, and he helped others get back into their driveways after they got stuck. I stayed home for part of the day, waiting for the plows to make it down our street. Even then I only stayed at work for part of the day, then came home and snowblowed the driveway (all by myself thank you very much). It was actually really fun.

And now we have snow…a total of amost 19 inches when it was all said and done.

And just the week before we could see grass. Such is life in Minnesota.

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One Response to Snow…what else is new

  1. Megan says:

    I am SO GLAD that we just got rain yesterday. Alot of rain, but just rain. I am hoping that snow is done for us for the season…

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