No point

So many things to write about this week, and never the time (or energy) to write about them! It was a much better week though, so that is good at least…right?

I am in this moment sitting at the kitchen table while both kids do their homework, and the 90’s station is playing. Selena‘s “Dreaming of You” is on.

Koda is walking back and forth between me and the stairs, Hubby is working on a project down there and perish the thought he not be a part of it.

I think something is going on with our fuses…everytime Hubby uses the power saw the lights dim…that’s not good.

I am supposed to be cleaning, but right now it looks so organized…organized chaos is my theme it seems. But I do need to take down the rest of the holiday decorations…it will be February on Tuesday. Small details.

I am 15 weeks along now…it is moving fast for the most part. More on that a bit later.

There are 11 people who are all due between 7 weeks before and 7 weeks after me. How strange and freaky does that seem! And 7 of them live in the Twin Cities! Don’t drink the water in Minnesota it seems.

Boo aced her first Multiplication test, she wanted to share that with you.

Now “I Can’t Dance” by Genesis is on and I am off to clean!

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2 Responses to No point

  1. MamaBear says:

    7 must be the lucky number! Does it count that I’m SEVENteen weeks then too? 🙂 some weeks go fast and others D.r.a.g. on and on. Only two weeks until our ultrasound and then I won’t be so anxious. It would also help if this darn snow would melt! Are you guys going to find out? Heather’s big day is coming up on the first if I remember right….lucky duck!

  2. Megan says:

    I feel like everyone but me is pregnant right now!!! Our Christmas lights are still up outside. We haven’t turned them on since Christmas but we’ve had alot of snow on the ground since Christmas so there they sit… My excuse is that you can’t tell that they’re still up unless you look really, really close! 🙂

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