Good Week – Bad Week

This past week has been emotion filled, both good and bad.

Last Monday was what I like the call the day from H%$$, and it slowly got better as the week went on.

   – Boo stomach issues came to a head on Monday.
   – Exhaustion
   – Insomnia
   – Stress at work from shear boredom
   – Treatment for Boo’s stomach, not fun
  – Packers are going to the Superbowl, and the Jets aren’t
   – Koda hopping the fence to visit with the neighbor dog, her name is Sasha
  – Below zero FREEZING temps
  – I have to wait until March 3rd from my next dr. appointment

  –  Hunter shooting his FIRST 200 EVER on Saturday 
  – Finding a doctor that knows what to do for Boo’s stomach!!
  – A voicemail from Kim – made my week
  – Hearing Babies heartbeat for the first time
  – Finding maternity pants that actually fit
  – Five Guys – enough said
  – Watching Boo smile and learn at softball clinics
  – Our neighbor giving us the go ahead to hook up a six foot mini fence into hers, to stop
Koda from visiting the neighbor dog

  It was a long week, and I just had had just about enough by Sunday night. I am hoping that this week, and the next three are better as we gear up for the kids birthdays in two weeks.

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One Response to Good Week – Bad Week

  1. If Five Guys made you week a good week, that’ll be my excuse to go this week. One just opened by our house! Well, when I say “by our house” I mean 40 minutes away… Seriously, it’s considered close.

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