One Big Sigh

The week is over.

Let us all do a happy dance in relief!

We have nothing that we HAVE to do this weekend except for a birthday party and softball clinics. No one’s house that we have to go too, no errands that must be run. I am ready for the calm after this week.

The week hasn’t been bad, it has just been LONG. Between a crabby 8 year old, a trouble making pup and a hubby that seems to think I need to walk more (pshaw) I have been on the go from the moment I get up til my head hits the pillow.

Again, not a bad thing…just a tiring thing at this stage.

But tonight, we are going to maybe watch my nephew play basketball. Tomorrow is bowling and a birthday party. Sunday is clinic day.

Monday there is NO SCHOOL (slackers) so Boo is coming to the office with me…which is always interesting. Always interesting…sigh…


I am lost…what was I talking about…oh yes…the quiet of the weekend.

I can’t wait. Sleeping in the afternoon, sleeping in maybe and playing games with Boo and Koda-Monster. A somewhat quiet weekend…now if only I could sneak my Niece in here somehow…

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2 Responses to One Big Sigh

  1. Megan says:

    I hope that you and Boo have a great day today at the office!

  2. That sounds BUSY to me 🙂 I hope you found some time for YOU, Mama! 🙂

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