I caved

Today I caved in.

I bought maternity pants, and a few shirts.

I had heard that second pregnancies moved…faster in the body changing stage.

Now I know that for fact. My jeans don’t fit, I started using a belly band it keep them up. My shirts are getting too short, or too tight.

It took a lot for me to go buy some clothes…I just don’t like spending money on myself. But it was much-needed.

I was even more excited to swing into my favorite consignment shop, they have a maternity section. I got some amazing deals!! Everything I got there was 50% off! Very excited!

We decided at the very beginning that we weren’t going to purchase any baby stuff until after our next appt (two weeks from now). We will be hitting the consignment shops and garage sales in full force in the coming weeks and months.

But tonight I am heading to my friend’s house who is done having kids. She has some goodies she wants me to look at that we can get from her. Super excited for that too.

I can’t wait!!

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One Response to I caved

  1. Megan says:

    Are you going to find out what you’re having at the next appointment?!?!?

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