I really want things to be normal again

The holidays are done…can we have a moment to sigh with happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas. I do. I just hate the drama, chaos and travel that comes along with it. Next year will be even worse and I am thinking of putting my foot down.

Yeah right.

I always say that.

The kids had a blast, like always. They are so loved (and spoiled), and we really are so blessed to have all of our family so close.

But now, life can go back to normal. I can start putting away the Christmas decorations. I can take back my living room and basement.

Now I can work on the oncoming projects, and the ones that have been pushed to the wayside over the past few weeks/months.

I can blog more…hopefully.

I can read more (don’t know if “more” is the best word…better might be).

I can spend so much-needed time with Hubby.

I can plan the kid’s birthday parties!

I can clean my house…it is much-needed.

Life can no return to normal please.

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One Response to I really want things to be normal again

  1. Megan says:

    I so get that! I took my tree down yesterday. I love Christmas but once it’s over, I want my house back again! The holidays were so busy – I’m really looking forward to getting back into a routine and a schedule again. We all do better in a routine in our house. Plus, I need to start planning A’s birthday party, finish unpacking and finish the half-done projects around my house!

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