Sick day = being productive

I am home sick with a nasty cold. I can’t breathe and it hurts to swallow. I don’t have time for this cold to take over, so I am sleeping and laying low today. It has been peacefully quiet.

But now I am bored…

No one to talk to because everyone is at work. I can’t take Koda outside because the neighbor dog is out and all Koda wants to do is hop the fence and play…with a Mastiff…right dude.

Oh and did I tell you that our cable box is broken on the only tv I can watch when Koda is awake.


So as I wait for our cable company to show up AGAIN I am pricing out their competitors. Dish and DirectTV. I have never had either, and that makes me nervous. But I can’t take the climbing prices and the intermitent serice we hacve had lately. Time for a change I guess.

I better make those calls…

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2 Responses to Sick day = being productive

  1. We switched a few months ago to DirecTV and have had amazing service, but it’s not much cheaper.

    But their prices don’t go up every month or two.

  2. Amy says:

    We have the comcast triple play so we are locked in for 2 yrs at the same price. We have the basic pkg and high def DVR on one box. I think we pay 100 per month plus hbo shw and stz 3 mos free.

    Nasty colds suck too.

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