First snow, and branches down

Yesterday we had our first snow, and it was a doozy. Not even snow amount, just how wet and heavy it was. The trees in our back and front yard took a lot of weight, they bowed to the pressure. 

This was at 9 am yesterday, our poor tree was bent so low that it was hitting our power lines. It was resting right on top of them, and in a couple places was weaved into the power lines. I left the house with the giant fear of our power lines going down and being without power for a week.

I had a very important baby shower to get too, and I couldn’t miss it!! I had been waiting for weeks for this shower. Boo and I loaded into the car, and took the long snow heavy drive to my friends house, and it was a long snowy drive.

On the way home I worried some more, and called Hubby to see if he was home yet, I needed to know if the power was out, if that line had gone down. He told me it hadn’t, but another huge branch had gone down, and it fell on the line, taking out the (we think) cable line. Not all the way out, but it pulled off the roof line, and the branch has it about 3 feet from the ground.

Oh and did I mention it was laying across the power lines too. Lovely.

Oh and did I mention it was laying across the power lines too. Lovely.


Hubby called the power company first, they said maybe today…maybe…

We can’t touch the branch because it is sitting on the power lines.  So maybe today they will come and move the branch, and make sure the lines are safe. Once they come we will call the cable company to fix that line.

Until the power line is free, Koda is leash bound. He is not a fan. And neither am I! He gets so excited to be outside that he runs, and  I fly after him. Twice he has almost pulled me off my feet.

Hopefully today…man I hope so…

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3 Responses to First snow, and branches down

  1. Ack don’t say it. I don’t even want to think about snow. I’m going to pretend that the East Coast will be snowless forever. LOL

  2. Oh no! See? I don’t like snow.

  3. Amy says:

    Your house looks JUST like mine. Standard MN 1950’s Rambler?


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