Just sitting around

I am sitting up watching the election coverage. It always confuses me how they call things, but that is why I am not the one doing it! lol

I am also getting through my blog reader…so many wonderful blogs and NEVER enough time to read them all. I just blasted through a ton, so hopefully I can get/stay caught up…yeah right.

We are switching cable providers, so I am getting all caught up on my DVR so that when we do switch it isn’t jammed packed. It always makes me laugh to see all the shows that I watch…such an odd mix. Sister Wifes, CSI (all of them) and The Good Wife. Such a hodge-podge.

We are switching for cost and customer service. Watching my bill go up and up and up over the past few months has been a breaking point. We need a more honest company, a more transparent one. Let’s see what happens.

With all the wicked wind last week we have some major tree damage, and some property damage. We have the insurance guys coming out this week to take a look at the roof, shingles are looking a little worse for wear.

The major downside…we can’t really clean up the branches that came down until the guy sees them all. I just love having 6-inch wide branches lying around my yard…sure my neighbors love it too.

I need to go get ready for bed, and keep watching the episodes of Oprah. I won’t let me watch the Sound of Music reunion til I get caught up.

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