Shopping with Boo…

Boo and I went shopping yesterday for some fall/winter clothes.

Hold Me…

She is at the age where she doesn’t quite know what she wants, but knows what she doesn’t want. The sweater that I LOVED on her…yeah she didn’t want it.

I have learned over the past few months that she is stubborn, but knows what she knows. Sounds like her Daddy if you ask me…just saying…

But we did agree on a few things, things that she loves that I can live with. We are not the same person and I have to remember that. She isn’t me, loving jeans and hoodies all the time. She is starting to like being pretty, less on being comfy. She knows what her friends wear, and wants to wear stuff like them.

I get that, just wished she would stay small still.

She got this Mudd knit vest, and this layered sweater as well. She even found two sweater dresses that she can wear with her new black boots and leggings. We found some fake-uggs and jeans to round her out a  bit. She needed some clothes, and I think we did pretty darn good, and kept it pretty inexpensive too!

Shopping with Boo is getting harder, but I know that it will only get worse from here on in. But, we still had a good day.

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