Apples and Food…both so wonderful

A couple weeks ago we spent an afternoon picking apples for Hubby’s birthday. All he wanted was a day together, so that is just what we did.

He threw the kids in the air to get the apples up top, we were a bit late in the season for the lower ones. We walked, laughed and had the best time. We picked two pecks of apples, and I have made so much apple crisp and other fun things. The kids have been in hog heaven.

After that we went to the O K Corral, such good food. If you are ever south of cities on 169 this is the place to go for a bruch buffett! We had eggs, french toast and so much breakfast food, plus they had ham, turkey, chicken, pork loin and a wonderful salad bar. This is a place we like to visit whenever we can.

It took me about two days to stop feeling so full, but it was so worth it.

I was not asked to write about any of this, these are my own thoughts and feelings about wonderful food.

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