Busy Bees

I am home from work today and tomorrow. Both kids are out of school, and I will be getting so many things done before we have the baby shower for Big Sis. I have been working on projects all week-long, but can’t show them to you because Big Sis is nosey…

Hi Big Sis!!

So on Saturday I will pre-post pictures of the project we (SIL and I) have done for the shower. That way Big Sis can’t see them early, but I can still get my sharing fix!

There is lots to do, cleaning and cooking, over the next couple days. I will share it all, plus how we have done a lot of it so inexpensively!

I have to get to work, and have the kids start their projects too.

Have a great day!

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4 Responses to Busy Bees

  1. melissa says:

    I can’t wait to see!!

  2. oooohhhh. Can’t wait to see the shower pics!

  3. Big Sis says:

    Nosey? How rude! I’m just curious of your life, want to feel the connection, be one with my sister :-). Love you!

    • fritzfacts says:

      Be on with your sister? Serious Baby brain!!

      And yes, very VERY nosey. You just don’t like that I won’t tell you anything. Be nice or no pickle wraps for you!

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