Dinner tonight!

Today is cleaning day. I am hosting a Baby Shower for Big Sis in a few weeks, so I want the house to be as clean as possible. The things that I only clean rarely are being taken care of today…even the baseboards and walls! I am also working on the babies quilt, lots to do today!

I didn’t want to have to stop later to make dinner, so I picked up a couple things to make dinner in the crock pot. I got this recipe from a friend of mine, and have been wanting to try it for a while.

The measurements are not exact, more of a choice thing.

Mexican Chicken in the Crockpot

1 Can Black Beans
1 Can Diced Tomatoes (or fresh about two cups)
1 package Taco Seasoning (I only use about half the package, taco seasoning is too strong for me sometimes)
2 cups salsa (more or less depending on what you want for taste)
1 pound uncooked chicken (you can use either breasts or strips, up to you)
Fritos – Original not scoops
Cheese – as much or as little as you want

Put a nice layer of Fritos on the bottom of the crockpot. This is to prevent the chicken from sticking, and gives a good flavor.

Place Chicken on the Fritos in one layer.

Mix Beans, Tomatoes, Salsa and Taco Seasoning together, then pour over the chicken so it is all coated.

Cook for 8 hours on low, or 4 hours on high. When I cook it on high I turn it down to low for an additional 45 minutes.

Put cheese on top for last hour or so. We use a ton of cheese, but we are cheese people. You can serve with more Fritos and Sour Cream.

So Good!

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2 Responses to Dinner tonight!

  1. melissa says:

    i’m always looking for crockpot recipes. its hard to find good ones thanks!! XO

  2. Amy says:

    This sounds SO yummy and I’m a picky eater. I’m gonna have to try it out 🙂

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