The 95 Pound Baby

Boo just left for school, well to wait for the bus at least. I am in late at work today, so I am taking some extra time with the Koda-Monster, my 95 pound baby. He always gets lost in the shuffle of morning routines, never enough time for him. He is now staring at the door, thinking that Boo will come back in any minute…sorry Bub.

Now he watched her get on the bus and is pouting.

I swear this dog…

I just reread Marley and Me, cried at the end like ALWAYS and will watch the movie again and cry at the end even harder.

Koda is a good boy, he really is. My scrapbook bag is sitting on the kitchen floor and he hasn’t touched it. Same with our file box, and a tub of painting supplies. He is a good boy…most of the time.

But there are times when I really think he channels Marley…seriously.

My counters are fair game, they constantly have paw prints on them. Paper, pens, pencils and FOOD isn’t safe on my counters a majority of the time.

This week I have pried his jaws open to retrieve:
Cheese wrapper
Pen x 2
papers x a million
Parmesan cheese container (no I am NOT kidding)
A floss pick
The newspaper (Lifestyle section in case you were wondering, and then the housing section…trying to tell us something Koda?)
A tomato
A green Bell Pepper (not successful by the way)
The remote for his collar
The volunteer slip for Boo’s school
My vitamins
Multiplication flash cards
Pop box that still had pop in it
Toilet paper
About 6 socks and two towels
A TOAD which brought on foaming from the toxins. That was fun.

I am so sure there is more, there is always more.

He jumps the fence to get in the garden, tracks mud all over the house and hates not being allowed on the coach.

But he loves to pretend he is a lap dog, he loves the chew at his pillow thinking we will let him on the coach if his is broken. He loves to take me for walks, but this is getting better.

He is a lover though. Whenever Boo is crying, Koda is there with his head in her lap. He loves when anyone comes over, and Ma has that down cold. He will sit and wait for her to pet him. Everyone else gets knocked over. He loves people, period.

He loves little kids, follows them around smelling them constantly. He would sit under them at the table if he was allowed. He will also steal food off your plate if you aren’t careful!

Koda loves to eat. Anything.

Raw steak, sure.

Raw chicken, sure.

Pizza off Boo’s plate, sure.

Tomatoes, onions and peppers straight from the garden, sure.

The bug that he is right now chasing around the house, sure!

But he is a good dog. I swear. He listens most of the time, isn’t scared of rain and thunder. Will chase the kids and play hide and seek til his head explodes.

I don’t know why he channels Marley, but today I just don’t care.

I have to go watch him get this bug, it always cracks me up.

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3 Responses to The 95 Pound Baby

  1. I reckon we have the same dog really. 🙂 But I love our doggy to bits!

  2. Awh, that’s SO sweet.

    I have yet to read or see Marley and Me. I want to read it first, but I just haven’t done it yet…

  3. Tina says:

    I have never had a dog but love what you have written here. Pretty special, pets are! And I loved Marley and Me. Oh did I cry!

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