Chili Season

Ahhh….it’s football season.

My family lives and breathes football come fall. July usually means that KFAN is on my radio 24/7 and I call hubby with my twitter stream updates. I knew before him that Farve was back, and that Harvin had collapsed at practice.

With football, comes chili.

Oh the chili…sweet wonderful chili…


We use the tomatoes that we can each year as the base for our chili, two quart jars of tomatoes to be exact.

We then add one can of either light or dark Kidney Beans and one can of mild Chili Beans (I don’t do heat well).

While all of that is warming up in the crock pot we brown our hamburger, a pound and a half to feed our brood. We also add a tablespoon (or so) of garlic and about half a white onion. Any onion works really, we just normally have white onions on hand.

Once the hamburger is done, we add that and crank up the heat for about 2 hours. We then turn it down to medium or low for another hours, must let the flavors blend my friends! Best case, we let our chili heat for about 4 hours. Worse case, an hour.

Once the chili is done, and ready to eat it is time for each person to add their bonus goodies. I go simple, cheese and sour cream. Hubby adds chili powder as he likes the heat. He also does sour cream, but no cheese. If we have green onions he will also add that. Boo likes cheese, and LOTS of it. She does a small amount of sour cream too. Hunter likes everything. He adds anything that he thinks will taste good. If we have goldfish he adds those right away!

Chili is a staple in our house, starting in August actually. We always have it during the first preseason game, and then any game we are home after that. It makes for some wonderful Sundays!

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3 Responses to Chili Season

  1. I’m a huge chili fan too! I like cumin and a dash of cinnamon in mine too. Yes, I said cinnamon!

  2. Yum! I think I like chili more than anyone else in the family. I’ll try this recipe this year!
    Darcie has an amazing white chicken chili recipe – with cinnamon!!

  3. Tina says:

    I love a good chili on a fall day/night! Yummy! I did make it last week for the Survivor premiere!

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