BlogLove – Being Inspired!

This past Tuesday I had the chance to hang out with some amazing bloggers. Some that I knew, and some that I didn’t before then.

LoveFeast Table hosted an amazing event called BlogLove in a town very close to ours. I got dressed up, feeling the need to wear something besides my tennis shoes, and headed out. I was excited to see my friends, and nervous to meet some new ones (yes I still get nervous!). I arrived early, like always and had time to read my book before leaving the car. That helped to calm the nerves.

As I approached Camille on Rouge I saw a wonderful gathering of ladies, and an amazing shop! I signed in, and instantly saw friendly faces, and introduced myself to some new ones (Hi Cat!).

As we all socialized, we got to talk to Chris Ann and Kristin, the lovely ladies that run LoveFeast Table and held the event. These women are amazing! They used to both live in Maryland, but now one is in MN and other is there. They have 9 kids between the two of them and they LOVE having gatherings and getting people together.

Their goal of the event…to inspire. Inspire others to write, inspire others to love and just LIVE. The amazing setting, the food and the drink were all there to inspire us. It was truly a wonderful experience. The atmosphere was like an outdoor French Cafe, there were hand-massages from Aveda and shopping in the wonderful shop.

I met some amazing bloggers this week, and am always in awe of the women that come out of the woodwork! I was able to meet Allison of O My Family, Maggie of Gussy Sews and the amazing Amanda of I Am Baker. I also got to see some friends, ones that I never get to see quite enough. Jen, Molly and Trish, these amazing ladies are so dear to me.

Thank you Chris Ann and Kristin! I had such a wonderful time, and it was such a great location! I can’t wait for the next one!

I didn’t take many pictures, and my cord is not working well so I will encourage you to take a look at the other posts and see some amazing pictures. You can also take a look here at the photographers Facebook page!

I am linking this up with LoveFeast Tables Fancy Friday posts, where you will find a ton of other links from the bloggers at this event.


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2 Responses to BlogLove – Being Inspired!

  1. Kristina Joy says:

    Great to see you again!

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