What in the World?

In the past week I have seen a few things that have confused me…

– What is with the teenagers with the ponytails that aren’t straight? It makes me think of the 80’s and bad school pictures. It just looks sloppy.

– Okay…if your shorts are so short that you can’t put your cell phone in your pocket GET LONGER SHORTS. I do not need to see booty when you bend over…just saying.

Jeggings…I mean REALLY! They creep me out. My friend Andi said it will be like tie-dye and pinned jeans from my younger days.

– Why was it so hard to find The Hunger Games in the book store? It is a great book and all, but 6 weeks for it to be back in stock!

– Silly Bandz…I just don’t get them. Boo keeps asking for them, and I keep saying no. They are a fad, just like Webkinz and Beanie Babies.

– I may be the only person that doesn’t care if they see Eat, Pray, Love in the movie theater.

I think that’s enough. I should take notes…

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One Response to What in the World?

  1. I’ll skip Eat, Pray, Love with you… No desire to see it 🙂

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