It was a winner of a weekend

The weekend was a winner all around!

I got so much done, and am impressed with myself! On top of everything that was done last night I got almost everything else on my list done!

The kids tackled the hall closet, and did a great job. It is organized and cleaned out! They are so proud of their work, and the minute Hubby walked in the door they pulled the doors open to show him their work.

The kids also got ALL of Boo’s Lego’s organized. We ran to Storables this morning to get some stackable containers, these ones. They will make sure that Boo’s legos will all be together, and in their proper place. She keeps them sorted by color and that means we needed at least 6 of them, plus some smaller containers for the mini pieces. It took a long time to get everything put away, but both of the kids worked hard on it!

The kitchen cabinets were emptied and refilled with maybe half of the stuff that was originally in them. I purged a TON of things that we never used, that we didn’t know we had and things that I simply didn’t know we had! I have, in total, 6 empty shelves in the kitchen and three 90% empty drawers. I told Hubby we needed more stuff…he was not impressed.

Lastly I tackled my closet. It was awful. I never put away my sweaters this past spring so things were overflowing! My shelves were stuffed to the gills and I couldn’t find a thing. I bought two under-bed storage containers at Storables and emptied it out. All sweaters and clothes that I won’t wear this season were put into the containers, and now my closet is CLEAN, organized and easy to access.

Three bags of garbage, four bags for donation and only one container of keep for later! Not bad…not bad at all!

The weekend was a success, and I even got an impromptu sewing project in! More on that later!

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