Today = Productive

One day of the weekend done, and a lot of things accomplished! I am excited about what I have gotten done, but even more excited about the lightness that I feel with each thing I throw away, give away and put away. Everything will have a place, and that is important to me right this moment.

The desk and computer area is CLEANED!  The old computer is now downstairs in the spare bedroom while we look for an inexpensive desk to put it on. We are going to use that computer for the kids to do homework/papers on. While it will not have internet it does have Word and Powerpoint, the important things. The desk is now cleaned off and ready for the kids to do homework! I am excited about that. I am going to make sure that everything that they MAY need for homework is ready to go as school starts.

The Tupperware cabinet is cleaned out and organized. The pieces that don’t have lids or bottoms are OUT and in the garbage. While it cut my Tupperware volume dramatically it looks and feels fantastic! I love it! Boo came stumbling out of my room and asked why I was throwing away all her containers! Made me laugh.

The entertainment center was cleaned out, and the candles and candle holders that I don’t use and don’t like are in the donate pile. The magazines that I have read are in the recycle pile and the ones that I am keeping are organized and put away. I even got the photo albums organized and put away in the right places. The top of the entertainment center has been cleared of things that I have been holding on to make other people happy. No  more! Those items are now in the donate pile as well!

The kids went through the game cabinet, their books and CD’s. We now have an ever growing pile of giveaway/sell. The kids are being very honest about what they use and what they don’t, that is good. Tomorrow will be the bigger test though, toys…ugh! While we don’t have as many as some there are still a great deal. We purged a lot when we moved last year, but it accumulates for sure!

Tomorrow, the hall closet and my closet are the big ones. I can’t remember the last time either of them were REALLY cleaned out. The basement bedroom closet will be done too, but that is one the that will require help from the kids!

Can anyone tell me why I have THREE nebulizer machines, one of which that was NEVER opened? I think that one might be brought to the local crisis nursery.

I need sleep if I am going to make it through tomorrow!

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One Response to Today = Productive

  1. melissa says:

    can you come do my house too? its so bad i hardly know where to start.

    if i don’t do something soon i’m going to end up on tv or something!

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