We have stuff everywhere! I do mean EVERYWHERE it seems. I can’t hardly stand it.

This coming weekend will be “Binge and Purge” weekend at the Fritz household! We talked to the kids about it  last night. Told them that we need to streamline, declutter and organize EVERYTHING in this house. How in one year we got so much STUFF I don’t know. I have been working on mini projects for a week or so, but this weekend is the BIG push.

My goals…

  • Boo’s room – PACKRAT is her middle name. She keeps every little piece of paper she can find.
  • Hunter’s room – just some cleaning up. He is not as big of a packrat, but there is ALWAYS a way to make more room.
  • My closet – No words…really just no words.
  • Basement office/bedroom – there is nothing IN the room but the closet is the catchall for stuff.
  • Desk/cabinets. These have been a dumping ground for all things paperwork and schoolwork. I found stuff in there that I didn’t even know we had!
  • Entertainment Center – there are cabinets…they are a mess.
  • Hall/Coat Closet – also know as WAR ZONE.

There are mini projects that need to be done too, like organizing the tupperware cabinet (yes cabinet..don’t look at me like that!) and the infamous junk drawers (yes drawers…don’t judge!!). I know I won’t get it all done this weekend, but I want to make a huge dent if I can.  After out talk last night we are all on the same page, and things will get done!

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