Trampolines Can be Fun BUT…





So many things can go wrong on trampolines. So many things can happen. We learned some of that this week, and some we already knew.

So many children are hurt each year by Trampolines. One of our local clinic systems even has a radio commercial talking about the dangers. Broken arms, legs, noses and wrists are just some of the injuries. Broken necks and people being paralyzed are a danger too, and ones that happen everyday in this country. While it is rare, it happens, people can die after landing wrong/falling off a trampoline.

Last year, almost 98,000 people were treated for injuries related to trampolines, that is unreal! So many people hurt, both adults and children, from jumping on such a fun “toy”.

But it isn’t a toy. A trampoline is a very serious piece of equipment. There are rules that should be followed, rules that MUST be followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

  1. One jumper at a time. ONE not TWO
  2. A safety net is a must
  3. Flips and somersaults are a big no-no
  4. Jump in the  center if the trampoline
  5. No jumpers under the age of 6-8. The age varies by website
  6. Use a trampoline only with adult supervision
  7. Keep the trampoline clear of objects (balls, toys etc)
  8. Do not jump on a trampoline in the dark, even with lights pointed on it
  9. Do not jump on a trampoline when intoxicated
  10. Post ALL the rules for the trampoline in plain view.

There are so many things that can be done to make using a trampoline safe and fun thing to do. While you can follow all these rules and still get hurt, that is true with anything, riding a bike or driving a car for example. But, following basic safety rules can decrease the chances of injuries dramatically.

Trampolines are fun, I liked jumping on them when I was younger, but be safe. Follow safety rules. Watch your kids.

Trampoline Safety Rules – Outdoor Fun Store
CBS Early Show

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One Response to Trampolines Can be Fun BUT…

  1. I agree. Trampolines scare me. That’s why I keep saying no to my boys when they ask for one.


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