Oh the Food

This summer, my groceries have been INSANE! I have been doing fruit/milk runs at least once if not twice a week on top of the regular shopping. Both my kids are huge fruit and veggies eaters, which is a great thing! Two fast growing kids has made a huge difference compared to the growth-spurtless summer we had last year.

This week alone we have gone through:

3 pounds of grapes

1.5 pounds of apples

2.5 gallons of milk

2 loaves of bread

3 pounds of hamburger

2 pounds of pasta

10 juice boxes

1 bottle of V-8 Splash Berry

2 boxes of Ritz Bitz

1 bag of Pretzel sticks

1 box of Vanilla Wafers

1 bag of Goldfish

½ pound of tomatoes (eaten straight of the plants mostly)

Half a LARGE jar of peanut butter

4 cucumbers

1 pound of fresh green beans

½ a pound of carrots

The amount of water we go through each week is outstanding! My kids average 6 glasses during the day and more at night. My stock pile of snacks and munchies has dwindled for the first time in over a year to very small amounts. The Farmer’s Market is our best friend. The garden has been a savior.

While my grocery bill is high, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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