My First Ever Quilt!

Growing up, there was always a major constant in my room…one of my Grandma’s quilts. With Grandma’s quilts came another constant…finding pins stabbing you in the middle of the night. It came with the territory, and Grandma forgot a LOT of pins.

Grandma’s quilts stood the test of time, well as long as they could at least. Being beaten up by two teens was not easy to handle, and to say that we didn’t respect the love of the quilts at the time was an understatement. Now I can think back to them, and see the love that Grandma put into them. They kept the family warm during the harsh Minnesota winters, and were passed on year after year.

I have always wanted to quilt, always wanted to learn this craft my Grandma had so wonderfully mastered. I never knew where to start, but had ideas for each quilt I wanted to make.  A quilt centered around Boo’s years of dancing, Hunter’s younger days and anything in between. I didn’t want to use those materials for practice though, I wanted to know what I was doing before I delved into memory quilts, and funky materials.

So, I decided to start with some simply cottons, with cotton thread. I got a book at the library about quilting and picked up the bare minimum materials I would need just in case I didn’t like the projects and work that was involved.  I allowed Hunter to pick out one pattern, and then picked colors based on that. I washed and ironed the material then cut it into 5 inch squares. I didn’t want to go to small…I have very basic skill when it comes to using a sewing machine.

I then sewed the squares into stripes that were 10 squares long, going every other with the flames being the constant. I ended up with about 9 strips of squares. I knew that I didn’t want to make it too big, starting small is the best idea. I figured on making a lap blanket. Hunter didn’t need a quilt for his bed, but would love one that he could snuggle up with on the coach.

Once I got at the strips sewn it was time to start piecing it together. While my patterns didn’t match up 100% I was okay with that. The colors worked really REALLY well together. I even managed to keep the pattern going the same direction throughout the entire thing!  Once I had all the strips sewn together it was time to make my “sandwich”. I used a simple black cotton backing and inexpensive batting simply to see how it was all going to be going together. I used Quilters Pins to tack the three layers together and then tied the layers together. I used a black generic yarn instead of hand quilting or machine quilting the layers together. I, at the time, didn’t know if my machine would be able to handle machine quilting.

Once I had the quilt tied and the pins removed it was time to Bind the quilt. I don’t know if I did it right, but it took about 4 hours of hand stitching to bind the entire quilt. I found a red that matched and went to town.

Last night…I finished it! The quilt, my FIRST EVER quilt is DONE! It isn’t the neatest work, isn’t the best sewing work ever, but it is my first and I am DONE!

And Hunter LOVES it! Koda thought it smelled cool. I am SO proud of myself! I can’t believe I did it!

I must say, Kim of I Want a Minivan was a HUGE help to me! She answered so many of my text messages and emails. THANK YOU KIM!! I don’t know if I could have done it without you and your fountain of wisdom!!

Next up…a quilt for Big Sis and the baby and one for my nephew using these colors! EC LOVES him some Buzz Lightyear!

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3 Responses to My First Ever Quilt!

  1. Heather says:

    I am impressed, lady!! I love it! I love love love quilts and have always wanted to make one but dude, I am intimidated!

  2. darcie says:

    Great Job Kellyn – That turned out so great!

  3. An Iowa Mom says:

    SO proud of you. It’s awesome. Quilting is one of my most favorite things to do!!! 🙂 Enjoy it and keep going!

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