And then there was this

This past week has gotten away, once again. It wasn’t anything in particular, just lots of little things.

BUT, we had a great weekend that was just plain full of family. Friday night I hung out with SIL and some blogging friends, then my nephews slept over. Saturday morning was nephew time, and that is the best time. Sunday we celebrated Lil Bro’s birthday! He is a ripe ole 29 now, so we had a nice BBQ and played Bean Bags and just hung out.

It was perfection.

There are a ton of things going on that I can’t blog about, but know that sometime in the future it will be blogable.

Summer is more than half over, can you believe it! Soon we will be planning when we will go to the State Fair, Back-to-School shopping and First Days of School. Fall will arrive, bringing cooler weather and so many wonderful things.

I am running out of random little tidbits to share…

Oh, Hunter is in a hard cast now. He did  break a bone in his wrist. Fun times…man alive.

Seriously that is all I have…

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