I Love the Farmer’s Market

There are so many wonderful things about summer. The heat, the sunshine, the long days and even the bugs in some cases. I love that fact that we are growing our own garden, that we actually have things coming in makes me proud and amazed. While Hubby has had to do most of the work lately because of my injury, and that is changing every day (thank goodness!).

One of our other favorite things to do in the summer is weekly or sometimes twice weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market. There are three by us, one on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We always have a bountiful amount of veggies and berries because of the Farmer’s Markets, and this week was no different.

We got broccoli and cauliflower (which we had for dinner last night)

We got carrots, for the first time this year! The last time we went to our Sunday Farmer’s Market they weren’t there yet. I love the off shapes but wonderful flavor in fresh carrots.

And Snap Peas…such a wonderful staple in our home during the spring and summer. These have become my almost daily snack at work.

We also got raspberries, Baby Red Potatoes, Onions, Green Beans and some bread from a local bakery.

The Farmer’s Market is a great place to find all the fresh veggies, fruits, herbs and baked goods you could ask for. Many markets also have Flowers and Honey too! Fresh Honey is the BEST during the summer months, and even better if you can stretch it to the winter.

We love our local Farmer’s Markets, and couldn’t imagine what I would be doing without them! Sometimes half the cost of the grocery store with triple the freshness!

This is not sponsored post. I simply wanted to share my love for the Farmer’s Markets!

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One Response to I Love the Farmer’s Market

  1. Alison says:

    How wonderful the veggies look. I MUST get to our Farmer’s Market which I am always intending to do, but never have done. (We do occasionally get fresh vegetables from some friends with gardens, and there’s no comparison.)

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