The Kitchen – A Finished Project

My friend Andi reminded me today that I haven’t posted pictures from the kitchen yet, how awful of me! Painting is such a fun thing for me to do, even when it is stressful like this project was.

If you look at this link you will see how at least one wall of the kitchen used to look. As  you know from previous projects I am NOT afraid of color, and will even use non-kitchen colors in the kitchen. But this project turned out REALLY well…I was even impressed. Not everyone LOVES the kitchen like I do, or the colors we used, but they love that I took the risk and it turned out great.

We used two colors, Blue and Green. The green was a custom color that I had matched to this serving fork and spoon that I had won from Trish in January. The first match was WAY to green…almost Kelly green, didn’t have enough dark color mixed in. This green was perfect! It can be bright in the direct sunlight, but it is a great balance to the blue.

We did two “walls” in the green. One wall by the dining area (above) and the short wall over the sink. The rest of the kitchen was blue. I knew I didn’t want an over-amount of green, as that is not a great color to coat a room in. But having the two smallest walls in the kitchen be the green worked wonderfully. 

I will show you the wall over the sink if you promise not to make fun of my messy disorganized counter…


It’s really bad…


See that random light over the sink…yeah that needs to go. Replacing it with what I don’t know right now, but it annoys me. Just so…80’s…reminds me of track lighting.

We are going to replace all the light fixtures in the kitchen still, three total (counting the one over the sink) and at some point the stove. It is so old they don’t even MAKE the parts for it anymore.

There are bonuses to having a bright kitchen, but there are also minuses. The green shows EVERY single flaw on the wall. The ones that we didn’t notice when priming and patching…yeah they stick out like crazy with the green paint. But, it isn’t awful. We notice it more than anything.

The blue covered very well, not showing more than a couple of flaws.

The downside to using two paint colors…the CORNERS! UGH! Three months later they are still not quite right yet. I need to let them be for a  bit before I tackle that. It gets too frustrating.

Overall, the kitchen is a success!!

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2 Responses to The Kitchen – A Finished Project

  1. Molly says:

    Oooh, love how you rocked the color! Great job to you all! Do you love it?

  2. Liz says:

    Love the green!

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