My Own PSA

Last week Becca of Our Crazy Boys did a PSA regarding her son, a helmet and a motorized scooter. Now he was fine, just a little banged up.

I blame her for this…

When you have this:



And this:


You could get this:

But his head was okay!!

After taking quite a spill on Friday, Hunter had some discomfort and swelling of his hand. Since he said it was okay, and that he didn’t want to go in right away we went about our night. Saturday morning we went to the doctor as his fingers were starting to look like mini sausages! The swelling and “discomfort” was worse, now full-blown pain whenever he moved his hand.

There is good news and bad news.

The good news is that they don’t see a fracture.

The bad news is that where the pain is, that bone doesn’t always how up on an X-Ray as a fracture.

There are other complications, but for this week Hunter is in a soft cast, with a piece of casting material holding his thumb and wrist in place and he is required to lay low.  He is a little excited about the Harry Potter marathon going on right now. 

We go back on Friday and if there is still pain they will X-Ray it again.

Another bummer, this soft cast isn’t water proof like Boo’s cast last summer! Rubber Bands and bags for us this week!

Oh, and he is biting at the grip ready to get back on his RipStik…can’t keep him down!

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2 Responses to My Own PSA

  1. Becca says:

    Oh no! I’ll take the blame 🙂

    I hope it continues to feel better each day!

  2. Alison says:

    Oh man that stinks! I am dreading when (if) that ever happens to one of our kids.

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