I took PTO today so that I could hang out with my kids, and just get things done around the house (like the 5 loads of laundry that is lying around). It was nice to sleep in a bit, not have a rushed time frame to get things done this morning.

We headed to Target to get Hunter the much needed tennis shoes that I talked about last night I love Target, and their after 4th sale of cute t-shirts for Boo that only cost me $2.48! It is super cute too, good for all year round.

We headed to my favorite store ever, Half Price Books after so that I could FINALLY spend the gift card that I got for Christmas (a miracle that I held onto it this long!). I have been on the wait list for over a year at the library for a book and I just couldn’t wait anymore. I got it, and even had enough left to let the kids each pick out a new book. They love that store too.

We headed over to Joann’s after that, lovely being right next store. We walked around, asked some questions and even picked out REALLY cheap material (seriously…$.1.59 after discount and coupon). I have been wanting to learn quilting for a long time, and finally decided that I would try a little project to see if I can figure it out. Kim told me she would help me out after the 3-Day, but I am anxious to get started so we shall see what happens I think. Kim is an AMAZING quilter, as you can see if you click on that link right there.

After that, it was lunch and then the kids washed Hubby’s truck. The dirt, sand and bug goo was just nasty and it needed a good bath. I am not sure how much they actually washed the truck and how much they just nailed each other with the hose. They had a great time, and I even filled a few water balloons for after. While that didn’t go as well, they still had a good time.

Now, cleaning and typing this seem to be my afternoon right now.  My house seems to have taken a turn for Oh My Gosh while I was walking around with my boot on, so time to take it back.

Well…this turned out a bit more random than I originally thought it would…

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3 Responses to Randomness

  1. melissa says:

    i do not let myself go to joann’s or michaels. i tend to lose all self control when confronted with ribbon.

  2. Mamarazzi says:

    i love randomness…and i love a good deal, sounds like you made out like a bandit! suhweet!

  3. Molly says:

    So much for a relaxing day at home, my goodness you got a lot done.

    How’s the foot?

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